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Past Events:

Yoga Weekend


Journey Through the Chakraschakras2

Have you always wondered what the chakras are? Want to learn how they affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually? The chakras are a beautiful tool to enhance not only in your daily life but also your yoga practice!

Knowing your chakras can help you nourish, replenish and inspire your being.

This workshop will consist of a 45 min introduction into the chakras with  take-home information and a 75 min Vinyasa based class as we travel from the root chakra to the top! Book by sending an e-mail to info@leelayoga.no


Teacher: Kelsi Ludvigsen

Date: October 26th

Time: 10:00-12:00

Price: 300 Kr*

*Remember as a Leela Yoga member you get a discount!!!

Yoga Retreat in Gambia

“On Releasing and Recieving”



As 2014 comes to an end spend a week with me of contemplation, yoga and renewing for the coming year of 2015

+Day 1: On Grounding

Arrive in Gambia and have our first yoga practice in the evening, a restorative flow to land and settle into our new routine and home for the week. We will focus on the base of our spine, helping us feel focused, secure, restored and grounded.

+Day 2: On Creativity

Start our morning with a flowing vinyasa class on creativity, sexuality and emotional stability. A class that will work on our hips, opening them up to help us be receptive to change and coming into balance.

Day Activity

End our day with a yin class focused on deep open hip poses, going into them a bit deeper for utter relaxation and rejuvenation.

+Day 3: On Releasing

Morning will begin with a core vinyasa flow, focused on energising and engaging our core for maximum support and stability. Contemplative prompts will be given to those who wish to deepen into the practice off the mat.

Day Activity

Evening yoga will comprise of yin yoga to help awaken true personal power and working through fears. Deep long poses will help to stimulate any blockages to release what needs to be let go of from 2014.

+Day 4:  On Recieving

Morning yoga will be a slow deep yin practice for opening up the heart and chest . Awakening the joy and loving side of ourselves and honouring that truth.

Day Activity

Evening yoga will be a fluid vinyasa class, focused on opening the chest and heart to receiving compassion and acceptance in our emotional lives. A strong class so that a true opening may be welcome.

+Day 5: On Compassion

Morning yoga will be a flowing vinyasa class to release tension in the shoulders and neck and to open them up for true relaxation.

Day Activity

Evening yoga will be a yin class, focused on finding your voice within your body. Helping you to open up and communicate in healthy and meaningful ways.

+Day 6: On Intuition

Morning Activity

Evening yoga will be all about our intuition, learning new things in our bodies, our senses and trusting our instincts. This class will be a slow and fluid vinyasa class with blindfolds so that we can turn inwards and truly focus on ourselves.

+Day 7: On Bliss

Morning yoga will be a relaxing and renewing restorative class, helping us to lift our mood and detach from fear and anxiety. Helping us to feel free in any situation. Contemplative prompts will be given to those who wish to deepen into the practice off the mat.

Day activity

Evening yoga will be a slow and deep yin practice, helping us to move away from the outside and more towards ourselves. Focusing on feeling bliss and blessed.

+Day 8: On Renewal

Morning yoga will be focused on preparing us for 2015 and our journey home. A strong vinyasa flow that will  include all the elements from the week into a cohesive and fluid journey, traveling with us in our bodies and releasing any last stagnation or resistance and truly opening us up for the year ahead.

Where: Gambia

When: 8th-15th December

Cost: 4950 NOK (Does not include flight)

For information on day activities, location and registration click here

Hope to see you!

Love and Light

Kelsi xox


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