1452343_10100180884682514_1702424703_n Hi! My name is Kelsi and I am a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, foodie, soul lover, snake bite survivor, book enthusiast and spirit seeker, on a mission to raise awareness about love, wellness and yoga. I am half Norwegian and half American however I was born in Switzerland, grew up in Belgium and studied in the United States. I am the co-owner of Leela Yoga Studio here in beautiful Oslo and am here to share some of my inspiration.

My morning routine is meditation, yoga, cuddles with my pup and warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon

The world needs more forgiveness

I believe in the power and rhythm of nature

Love is gentle, daring and nourishing

I can’t get enough of sweet potatoes, the power of words, homemade granola, seasons, books, yoga pants, green juices, spirituality, beautiful photography and the sound of rain

Yoga is my creative outlet to empower people to feel alive

In 2015 I want to change the way women view their femininity and the way men treat it.

My mantra for life is “Everything happens for a reason”

Kelsi xox


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