October Love list

Diwali in India


My October highlights:

+ The photo above is beautiful. Diwali began on October 23rd this year. It just shows how culture, tradition and devotion can be so connected. Even in such a chaotic and large country as India.

+ I am having a small love affair with Krishna Das. But who doesn’t? I need to get my hands on this film about him and his music.

+ I may not be living in the U.S anymore, and I might not be that into the midterms that are happening now but this video struck a cord. Living in Norway now I appreciate the equal pay and equal equalities among men and women. I can say I felt it very differently in the U.S. Sarah Silverman says it best.

+ I am pretty proud to say this man teaches here in Oslo and has such a wonderful non-profit. Oslo is known as the heroin highway capital of the north. Which is surprising for many who first come to Norway. You can read more here. Alexander Medin is changing this in his own way. Through yoga. And most recently he has entered the prisons to share his teachings with them. Here is his TEDx talk. Truly inspiring.

+ My favorite app: NaturalCycles. I don’t use birth control so this keeps me in check with my body and lets me tune into my natural wisdom a bit more.

+I just signed up for a 3 week YTT with Shiva Rea. Excited is an understatement. Grateful and inspired. Starting my 500 hr track in June 2015!

Love and light!

Kelsi xox


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