Mahakali Devi

” Wild women don’t worry.

Wild women don’t have no blues.”

-Ida Cox


kah-lee: Black one

she is: radical rebirth, death, release of stuckness, fierce love and ecstasy, wildness and radical audacity

we see her in:  lightening storms, volcanic eruptions, battlefields, the act of pushing the child out of the womb, radical creative freedom, sudden changes in life and purification experiences.

we invoke her for: transformative strength, burning limitations, purifying the inner body, awakening kundalini, discovering truth in a confusing situation, strengthening the heart, challenges us by daring us to look ion the face of pain and find the love behind it and love making.

her colors: red, black and midnight blue

her mantra: krim (kreem)

her flower: red hibiscus and blue lotus

her shadow side: passive aggression, backstage manipulation, hostility that can leak out as sarcasm, nagging gossip, putdowns, sly cutting judgments, bad digestion, jealousy and anger.

To access her:  she is here to help us clean our hearts of all negative energies, desire, anger, fear, jealousy and illusions. Her sword can slice through delusion, false hope and lies. To access this we need to surrender and give into her intensity.

Kali shows up for me: I feel Kali shows up for a lot, especially in the shadow side. And it is something I am starting to see and notice, kind of unwillingly and denying it but its time I show up for it. She seems to be one of the goddesses I wish to stay away from, so I know this is one I need to work along side with. If I wish for the goddess to show up for me I need to workshop her.


How have you experienced Kali?


Kelsi xox


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