Restorative Yoga


It’s time. I am ready to sink my teeth into the depth of what I learned in NYC with Judith Hanson Lasater. The queen of restorative yoga and the mama of relaxation. I loved it all. the healing vibe, the nurturing poses and the initiation into a deep and renewing new life habit. She was quick, witty and loveable. Here are some of the gems she shared with us.

+ There is a tremendous power in softness, ease, and opening your heart to doing less.

+ There is nothing wrong with time. We all have the same amount of time, its just our own perception of time that causes stress.

+ Busyness vs meaningness: As yoga teachers we use teaching yoga to avoid our own yoga. We love to be distracted. Its time to stop multi-tasking and start uni-tasking.

+ Restorative yoga is all about manipulating the nerves in a compassionate way. Opening the back of the body. Tuning into the feminine and internal side of our emotions. It doesn’t cure cancer, or change our cholesterol. But it creates a space, a container for which we let our bodies do the healing itself.

+ Difference between an introvert and extrovert is how we recharge. An extrovert recharges by having friends over and being with friends. An introvert needs space, quite and time. (I am most definitely an introvert…who would have known ;))

+ Yoga will ruin your life. It will change your life from what you think you want to the life which you were meant to have. (I am so glad yoga did this to me!)

+ Discipline. Everyday I’m at the mat. Thats the victory. Hardest part is consistency. No matter what, get on your mat. Our yoga practice should be like brushing our teeth. We don’t skip that! And when we do, we have a build up of toxins. Personal practice is like brushing our teeth, it clears the build up of toxins, negative thoughts, and judgements and brushes it out everyday.

As you can see she is a wealth of knowledge. I feel so blessed. Since I left NYC I have been on my mat everyday. 20 min. That’s all it takes to reconnect, be still and clear our minds.


Kelsi xox


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