September Love List



My September highlights

+This lady right here. Have you listened to her speech yet?! Emma Watson says it all. And all i can say is Thank you.

+Can I have this kid?! He made my day, lets just say this month so much brighter for me

+I was in NYC this month for a teacher training. And lets just say I ate a lot while i was there. I was in food heaven. Head here for the best homemade almond milk chai. Here for the best acai bowl. Here for the fancy/hip mexican. Here for the best hummus. Here for the best smoothie and vegan burrito. Here for a different spin on thai food! And best discovery ever was chickpea chips! Have you ever had them?!? HEAVEN.

+This documentary. It’s beautiful. And serene.

+Books I’m loving: Absolute Beauty, The Radiance Sutras, The Invention of Wings

+New Discoveries: Garlic ear oil+oil of oregano for cold/flu season and theSkimm. The perfect read for all us busy yogis who want to stay up-to date on current affairs.


Kelsi xox


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