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boo-van-esh-war-ee: Goddess of the Worlds

she is: sacred space, the giver of grace, meditative space, cosmic nature

we see her in: inner experience of expanding awareness, oceans, a starry night sky, our own body and the energy that keeps it alive, galaxies, oneness between our body and earth and landscapes with long views of the earth and sky.

we invoke her for: holding space for those around us and need it, feeling compassion and to recognize that all beings are part of one cosmic body, identifying ourselves with the earth and to accept our own humanness as part of our divinity.

her colors: red, blue, gold

her mantra: hrim (hreem)

her flower: red lotus


her shadow side: unfocused thinking, rambling, can never really tune into what is going on around her, excessive control from behind the scenes, withholding approval and holding back praise. She creates dependency, psychologically and psychically.

To access her: we need to understand that letting go of anxiety or fear is where she can step in. We can offer her whatever we hold onto. Guilt, loss, emotional upheaval or just an excess of thoughts

Bhuvaneshwari shows up for me: when I create a communal space for people to gather. When I give people space to create and act out of inspiration. When I look out at the vastness of the ocean, and the endless midnight sky. When I see a full moon in an empty sky, as I feel oneness with everything around me. In love. endless and spacious love.

How have you experienced Bhuvaneshwari?


Kelsi xox


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