I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of something or someone watching over me. So much so that I wrote my religion project on angels and the qualities they had in our lives and how to call them to us. I was 10.  I don’t know what happened after that, but I lost touch with that innocence and that loving conversation I would have with my angels. In the last few years I’ve been guided back. Curiosity has turned on a light inside me to search and discover these sources of divinity. What has drawn me to the hindu goddesses is that the divinity I love so much within them, I too carry them. Sally Kempton says when it comes to goddesses the “key insights of tantra is this really extraordinary mystical understanding that the whole universe can be found inside the human body…..your breath and the pulsations of your heartbeat, the flow of your blood are all manifestations of the goddess acting through and as your human embodiment.” They illuminates my sore spots, my darkness and guide me to expel them. The journey into this has only just begun. Scratching the surface of a deep and limitless experience. When one begins at first we seem to always go towards the one that illuminates love and beauty or wealth, and although that is what first drew me, I am here to start from the beginning, to explore them all. Journeying with them for a week each, learning their ways, guiding me to release and opening me to receive.

Sally sums up the path of goddess in a beautiful way it’s “all about learning to ride the expansion and contraction until you can recognize her different faces in the ups and downs of your inner journey. You become familiar with her subtle hints, the signs that a  path is opening for you, the warnings to back off, back down, go deeper inside, or turn more attention to a part of your personal self that needs development…she expands in you. You experience the fullness of her gifts. You fall in love with the energy moving in you. Often you experience profound humility and gratitude. Then the ego seizes the gift, identifies with it, and begins, subtly or less subtly to overreach itself” and at this point the goddess steps in and gives you a mindful smack from the universe.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 15.41.14


door-gah: Warrior Goddess of Strength and Protection

she is: radical spiritual awakening, awakening us out of ordinariness

we see her in: strong winds, crashing waves, mountains, autumn, bonfires, feelings of triumph, truth-telling and measured risk-taking

we invoke her for: physical, mental and emotional strength, completing a project, willpower to create positive habits, ending relationships, rescuing people in trouble and fighting for justice.

her colors: red, gold, yellow and orange

her season: September-October

her shadow side: (When we invoke her for egoic aims) harshness, and the need for control, in relationships she needs to be in charge, she needs to shine and sometimes outshine. She is likely to be self-righteous and critical. A relentless inner critic, she knows all your faults and failings and will likely recite them.

To access her: we have to call it, ask for it, pray for it. If we have ever stood up against the impossible and found the explainable strength from inside, we have known Durga. She is always reminding us that we can realize more of ourselves, we can act upon and inspire and fight battles that need to be fought. Mantra is the key to unlocking this potential. Invoking her in this way is one of the most powerful ways to receive empowerment, the sacred feminine and the energy of the deity. Chant her name, dance to her ebs and flow, silently pray for her support and begin to feel the slight nudge forward from her and the warmth in your back, knowing you have her along the way, always.

Durga shows up for me: in the rugged mountains of Jotunheimen where my cabin is, when I feel courage to stand up for myself in an uncomfortable situation, my candle on may alter, the radical nudge I feel to keep going with a crazy idea and every single time I’ve decided to make a big move and change in my life. She support me always.

How have you experienced Durga?

Love and Light

K xox


*Source: Sally Kemptons book ‘Awakening Shakti’








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