I know it’s not the end of year, and I’m not particularly feeling nostalgic but I have these 2 amazing apps that remind me of what Ive been up to these last 365 days or even 7 years! Also my photo strew, on my phone is kaladescope of beautiful memories. Do you ever just scroll through your photos? I love it.

The first app is Timehop which links to my instagram and Facebook and gives me a new update everyday, sometimes it’s a status update and other days it’s a photo. And every time I get my timehop update I’m thrown back to such fond memories! Some are 7 years ago! And it takes me back to that exact moment, the exact feeling or emotion and I’m overwhelmed with joy.  The second app is 365 where I put in a photo for each day. Well I actually just finished my 1st year! And when I look at the photos that I put in there it’s such a joy to look at what I did or felt was important 365 days ago. And yes I know it’s not very yogic to look at the past and hang out there, but if they are fond memories, or memories that were tough but taught you a great deal then why not reminisce and feel blessed and grateful. I feel its my “present” alarm. Puts my day or life into perspective in a strange way, I realise I am here now and how time flies and how important it is to be still sometimes and count blessings.

So I though for this post id post some of my favorite moments from the past 365 days 🙂

bilde 1-3


bilde 2-5

Kajas going away lunch

bilde 5

Picking Blueberries

bilde 1-4

Signing our lease for Leela Yoga

bilde 2-3

How it all began

bilde 1-5

Moving into Oslo

bilde 2-4

Trip up North to Kirkenes

bilde 1

Sandstorm in Morocco

bilde 4

Feeling super Norwegian 🙂

bilde 3-3


bilde 4-4

Evenings with Kaja

bilde 1-2

Trip up to Lofoten

bilde 2

Goa, India

bilde 2-2

Our new Apartment

bilde 3

Frolicking in the Corn Fields




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